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I will remember...

by Henry Vaughan,

I am proud to say that "The City of Tigard rose to the challenge of this crisis". When all other avenues seemed bogged down, I got a personal call and they offered much needed assistance. Within days I had proof that this was the message from the city... "we have got your back". We have been in business here for almost 20 years. I have never had to go through the obstacle course of red tape I had to with the Unemployment agency, The Small Business Association and the "Stimulus" package. I cannot even get a status on those applications, no help received and those avenues where followed in March when Oregon mandated the dental industry to shut down until June 15th. Our business is directly tied to that industry and our income went to $0 overnight. We will survive this and will remember who helped when we needed it the most. Thank you to the City of Tigard.

Hank Vaughan

Vaughan Computer Networking

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