1. Meeting Purpose

by marissa,

This statement, usually read aloud before a traditional neighborhood meeting, should be read before proceeding to the information below. It will clearly explain the purpose of a neighborhood meeting.

This virtual neighborhood meeting is regarding the Fanno Creek Trail Connections Project, a project to construct 3 new segments of the Fanno Creek Regional Trail.

The new trail segments include:

  • Woodard Park to Grant Avenue
  • Tigard Library to Milton Court
  • 85th Avenue to the Ki-A-Kuts Bridge over the Tualatin River

Improvements are also planned for the existing trail from Ash Avenue to Hall Boulevard. A location map is provided after this notice.

This virtual meeting is being held as required by City of Tigard review process.

The purpose of this virtual meeting is to inform neighbors of the project as currently planned. This meeting is not a decision forum and is not to approve or disapprove the project in whole or in part. It is to share information regarding the project and to solicit constructive input from neighbors and affected property owners.

Application for the project being discussed here has not yet been submitted to the City. Therefore, the project will be at various stages of planning and some details may not be available at this time. Property owners of record within 500 feet should have received neighborhood meeting information and a list of frequently asked questions along with the notice of this meeting.

This meeting is not attended by city planning staff in order to encourage dialogue between the project developer (City of Tigard Engineering) and affected neighbors. Your comments and questions will be taken down and submitted with the application for consideration by the city planning staff.

Property owners within 500 feet will be notified after a complete application is submitted. They will be provided an additional opportunity to comment. Any appeals are decided based on the provisions of applicable laws and the development code.

For questions regarding the development review process, please contact the City of Tigard Planning Department. For project details, you will need to contact the developer, City of Tigard Engineering. Project Manager is Carla Staedter (503) 718-2788.

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Virtual neighborhood meeting has concluded.

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