Where are you installing the cameras?

    The next significant step will be the application process to obtain approval from ODOT to install the cameras at the three identified intersections along Pacific Highway (99W):

    • 72nd Avenue
    • Hall Boulevard
    • Durham Road

    Can Tigard legally install intersection safety cameras?

    Yes. HB2508 was passed. Intersection safety cameras can be installed in any city regardless of population.

    Do intersection safety cameras work?

    Yes. Local statistics show a reduction in injury crashes of more than 65% from the first year the system was installed and a decrease of almost 40% in red light running violations.

    Is this just another way for the city to make money?

    No. All of the money received from the tickets is used to pay for the Photo Radar Program.

    What are red light cameras?

    A red light camera system is connected to the traffic signal and to sensors buried in the pavement at the crosswalk or stop line. The system continuously monitors the traffic signal; the camera is triggered by any vehicle passing over the sensors after the signal has turned red. A second photograph is taken that shows the red light violator in the intersection. The camera records the date, time of day, time elapsed since the beginning of the red signal and the speed of the vehicle.