September 25 2018

Council Awards Contract

City Council votes to award Photo Enforcement Systems and Related Services Contract.
September 18 2018

Council Reviews Implementation Plan

City Council reviews the implementation plan to begin using photo enforcement technology.
August 07 2018

Vendor Selected

The RFP process identifies Conduent as the top vendor.
July 10 2018

Request for Proposal Issued

A full Request for Proposal (RFP) process was initiated.
February 06 2018

Second Traffic Survey Completed

The Police Department worked toward selecting a vendor for program implementation; a second traffic survey is completed which confirmed site selection.
May 02 2017

Police Recommends Implementation

Police staff reported to Council, recommending implementation.
April 04 2017

Council Presented Survey Results

Police provided the results of the citizen survey to City Council along with a request to move forward with photo traffic enforcement.
February 07 2017

62% Indicate Support for Photo Traffic Enforcement

Tigard community survey results were released – 62% of respondents approved of photo traffic enforcement.
January 11 2017

Community Asked Whether They Support Photo Red Light

A photo red light question was included as part of a larger community survey.
August 02 2016

Council Directs Staff to Determine Level of Public Support

The traffic survey and staff report were submitted to Council for consideration. Council directed staff to determine the public's level of support.
November 03 2015

Potential Locations Studied

The PD worked with a photo red light vendor to complete a study at four (4) locations along Pacific Highway.
June 02 2015

Council Directs a Feasibility Study

Council directed the Police Department (PD) to conduct a traffic study on the feasibility of implementing a photo red light program.
August 05 2015

Initial Council Presentation

At the direction of City Council, the Police Department presented an informational briefing for photo red light enforcement.