Why update now?

    The current Transportation System Plan was adopted in 2011, and a lot has changed in Tigard since then.

    • Transportation needs are different. Tigard is growing while transportation technology is also rapidly changing.
    • The transportation network has changed. We have completed construction or improvement of roads, added sidewalks and bike lanes, and added to our extensive trail system.
    • Regional and state transportation priorities have evolved. It’s time to look at our regional transit/transportation system, with many more people moving to Tigard or commuting to and from Tigard for employment.

    Will this plan build, fix and improve identified projects?

    Yes, however it is a long-range plan. Some projects will take longer than others depending on a variety of factors including project cost and availability of funding. To be designed and built, TSP projects must be added to Tigard’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which is prioritized every other year. CIP projects are reliant on local funding and/or competitive funding available through regional, state, and federal programs. Alternatively, some TSP projects will be built incrementally through private development.