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Corrective Step Foot Health Center

While receiving his education and training at Emory University and the Atlanta VA Medical Center, Dr. Ejiro Isiorho (pictured) was troubled by the impersonal and hurried nature of the medical profession. “It feels like many providers focus on getting patients in and out the door fastest instead of helping them get better,” says Ejiro. Disheartened by this revolving door approach to medicine, Ejiro saw a better way and decided to open Corrective Step Foot Health Center with compassion and patient education at the forefront of his practice.

With nearly 130 years of combined health care experience under one roof, Corrective Step Foot Health Center has provided a high level of service with a personal touch to the Tigard community since 2014. Ejiro and his fellow practitioners take time and care to ensure patients understand their diagnoses and treatment options. “Everyday is a humbling experience,” say Ejiro. “I meet people from all walks of life, each with their own experiences but with the same desire – to get better, get healthy, and gain a better understanding of why they became ill in the first place.”

Unlike many businesses, Corrective Step Foot Health Center is considered an essential service, allowing them to remain open with reduced hours and enhanced social distancing protocols during the ongoing pandemic. Ejiro has also begun seeing patients via telemedicine appointments. Nonetheless, normal patient volume has dropped by 50 percent in recent months.

Despite the decline in business, Ejiro remains optimistic. “I will continue to build the business and adapt with the changes, hopefully coming out stronger and better suited to keep our community healthy and safe,” says Ejiro.

With a steep decline in patient visits, Corrective Step Foot Health Center was awarded a $1,500 Tigard CARES grant that has helped support employee payroll during the downturn. “City of Tigard has been very responsive to the needs of small businesses in Tigard,” says Ejiro. “The Tigard CARES grant was the first one we received and definitely helped ease some of the pressure. For that, I’m grateful.”

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