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BKB Associates

BKB Associates owner Brant Blodgett grew up in rural Willamette Valley and treats his customers with the type of friendly, easygoing demeanor you would expect from a lifelong Oregonian.

“We started this business to help smaller companies in a personal way with the task of making their office look great without breaking the bank,” says Brant.

After graduating from Oregon State University in 1988, Brant began his career in sales and marketing. Along the way, he spent seven years working with a prominent furniture and industrial products company. After gaining experience in the industry, Brant decided to open his own company and launched BKB Associates in Tigard in 2004.

With Brant's sales and marketing background as a guide, BKB Associates helps companies with commercial office furnishings, outfitting everything from cubicles to private office furniture of all kinds. For Brant, customer service is the fun part of his job – he always enjoys meeting new clients and building relationships with the companies he works with.

“We're a small but mighty company and we really value building long-lasting relationships with our clients,” Brant says.

With industries across the economy either halting business or transitioning to remote operations, demand for Brant and BKB’s services has slowed considerably in recent months. To help with operating costs, BKB Associates was awarded a $1,500 grant through the Tigard CARES program. “The process of applying and receiving the grant was quick and helped bridge the gap while other income sources were being figured out,” says Brant. “We’re very grateful!”

Brant adds, “business activity is still very slow for us, but we’re hopeful that customers will want to redo their offices as we adjust to new times. If you need a new chair, desk, or reception counter, please give me a call!”

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