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Mai's Travel Service

Mai Harlan started Mai’s Travel Service 26 years ago to break out on her own after being employed by another travel company for seven years. Working with both business and leisure travelers, Mai builds highly customized travel arrangements that save time and make travel fun and hassle free. Mai loves helping people embark on new adventures by experiencing and exploring the world. She prides herself on timely, efficient service for her clients and works hard to provide the best travel options available.

Mai’s began experiencing difficulties related to COVID-19 in mid-February, when her clients began cancelling trips due to flight suspensions and overall uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. Mai’s difficulties escalated from that point onward, and by mid-April all reservations for travel up to September had been cancelled.

“I am working very hard, providing my services for free to help reschedule or cancel to accommodate my clients’ needs without taking any more funds out of my pocket,” says Mai.

With business curtailed, Mai was awarded a $1,500 Tigard CARES grant to help cover basic operating expenses. “The Tigard CARES grant process was seamless, fast, easy and a big help for my business,” says Mai. “Thank you to the City of Tigard!”

In terms of the future of travel, Mai see a long road to recovery for the industry, with most travelers sticking close to home until the number of COVID-19 cases drastically declines. She sees domestic travel starting back up quickest for business travelers and out of state family visits, with international and cruise travel likely taking longer to recover and relaunch with social distancing measures in place.

“If and when you decide to travel again, please keep in mind that travel advisors like myself are here for you,” Mai adds. “Get an agent – it’s the smart way to travel!”

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