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Pacific Northwest Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic

Abby Drinkard and Marianna Dubova (pictured) opened Pacific Northwest Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic in October 2001 after graduating from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Marianna and Abby had been study partners at school and opened their clinic with a vision to provide complementary and alternative medicine treatments and educate the community about the importance of mind and body healing and wellness.

“We are a very small business, women run and operated,” says Abby and Marianna. “This coming October we will be starting our 20th year in business and we’ve been in Tigard the whole time. We get patients from all over the region, from Tigard to the eastside of Portland. We feel very fortunate to be able to provide care to all of these people.”

The COVID19 pandemic and state stay at home mandate forced the clinic to close for nearly two months, which made paying overhead expenses very difficult and left Abby and Marianna with no income. To assist with rent and utility payments, Abby and Marianna received a $1,500 Tigard CARES grant.

“We were extremely grateful to the city of Tigard for the grant we received and how quickly they responded to our needs,” says Abby and Marianna. “We are very impressed with how the city handled this crisis and how responsive they have been to the small businesses in the area. Personal phone calls are much appreciated. We felt connected to our community and will be forever grateful.”

Abby and Marianna were able to reopen in early May but had to alter how they do business, wearing personal protective equipment and screen incoming patients for COVID-related symptoms. They also now both work part time and on opposite days of the week, seeing one patient at a time with a 30-minute break in between appointments to sanitize their space.

“This is all very new to us and our patients, but safety and well-being of our patients and ourselves is definitely a priority,” says Abby and Marianna. “We are hopeful and optimistic that we will bounce back to our normal routine and full schedule in the next several months.”

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