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The House

With over 14 years of fitness industry experience under his belt, owner Mike Van Tassel started The House to offer a workout space “with no mirrors, no judgement, and full of hard-working individuals determined to get things done.” Since opening his doors in Tigard in 2016, Mike has created a popular small group fitness studio built on a foundation of family and community. “We give individuals a place to gain strength, knowledge, and empowerment through proper education and coaching,” says Mike. “We seek to empower you to be able to come into a place as you are, where you are, and be accepted by all those around you.”

The COVID-19 crisis may have forced The House to close its doors, but it didn’t crush its community-minded spirit. Weights and equipment have been loaned to clients all around town enabling trainers to continue training clients online and offer home workout programs at a reduced rate (more information can be found here). “We are a gym but we are also a family,” says Mike. “Everyone who walks through our doors is welcomed with open arms and supported every step of the way by our team and our community. Through this pandemic, we see that is the case now more than ever. Even in a scary time, strength prevails.”

With the state-mandated business closure causing a massive financial hit, The House was awarded a $1,500 grant through Tigard CARES to assist with payroll, rent and overhead expenses. Moving forward, Mike is planning for the eventual reopening of his business, including new sanitary practices and ways to follow social distancing practices to keep members and trainers safe, in addition to an expanded online platform to offer The House in everyone’s home. “The House will see this through and we will come out stronger on the other side,” says Mike. “Being a first-time small business owner, I've learned so much in these past four years and I'm honored to own my business in the city of Tigard.”

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