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GDL Screen Printing

Brothers Ramón and Carlos Diaz dreamed of starting their own screen printing business in Oregon. They had years of experience, so in 2015 they started their business in the garage of Ramón's house. By combining their efforts in the sales and production area, in a short time the business grew.

In 2017, the garage space was no longer sufficient. So, with a loan from MESO, they moved to a commercial space in Tigard and acquired more equipment that allowed them to increase their production and gave more reliability to the business. In just a few months, production doubled.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, sales have decreased, but the business remains open. Ramon and Carlos have looked for business support resources. Although they have not found support from traditional banks, they are very grateful for the $1,500 grant they received from the City of Tigard. This money will allow them to pay the rent for their business this month and continue to support the local economy.

They plan to continue working with MESO to learn more about accounting, marketing, and sales. Despite the difficult times that Ramón and Carlos are currently experiencing, they want to continue to grow and plan to hire 4 employees in a couple of years, and to have the possibility of paying for their children’s college tuition.

"If we have a dream, we have to fight for it. To be an entrepreneur, you don't have to settle. You have to improve yourself, inform yourself and take risks,” Carlos says.

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Story courtesy of MESO

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