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The Tamale House

The Tamale House has been in Tigard for nearly 10 years. Owner Maria Magdalena Jump learned about the emergency relief grant after the City of Tigard and the Tigard Chamber of Commerce reached out to her. If it hadn’t been for that intentional contact, she likely would not have known about the grant opportunity.

Two major barriers that kept The Tamale House from being able to get funding in the past were not having the right documentation to fill the requirements and not being able to navigate the traditional banking system.

With a $1,500 Tigard CARES grant, The Tamale House was able to pay for part of its commercial rent and purchase inventory to keep making the tamales that are their primary product. The grant made it possible for The Tamale House to reopen – and keep its doors open – after being shut down for one week.

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Story courtesy of MESO

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