What's Next

The Project Team Will Work to Fund Crossing Improvements

This crossing study only identifies what the crossing would consist of and where it would occur — it is not actual design engineering that can be used to construct the crossing. Additionally, no funding is currently available for the design and construction of the mid-block crossing. If the feedback we get from this virtual open house is in support of the identified crossing, the project team will pursue funding opportunities, which might include regional, state, or federal funds as they become available. In our experience, completing this type of study is critical to showing grant providers that the project has been thoroughly planned, increasing the likelihood of the project being awarded grant funding.

The Trail Under the Bridge will be Raised Slightly

While raising the trail under the roadway bridge is not a viable standalone long-term solution, it is worth continued consideration until the at-grade crossing is constructed. Clean Water Services is working on this and is currently securing the permits needed to do this work. Depending on when the permitting phase is complete, work will be dependent on weather. While it is Clean Water Services’ hope to get this constructed before the rainy season, it may have to wait. Some key aspects of this work include:

  • Raising the trail approximately 10 inches, which analysis shows should significantly increase the number of days that the undercrossing remains dry.
  • To address concerns about reducing overhead clearance and warning signs will be added to both sides of the undercrossing to alert trail users to the lower overhead clearance.

A Portion of the Trail will be Relocated

Tigard and Clean Water Services are partnering to relocate a portion of Fanno Creek Trail north of Ironwood Loop in Englewood Park. Crews will construct a new asphalt trail segment in approximately the same location as a dirt path trail users have worn into a grassy area to get around the area of the trail that sometimes floods. Once the new trail segment is constructed, the existing trail segment will be removed and restored with native plants.

Monitoring will Continue

Tigard and Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District will continue to clear debris and sediment that accumulates on the trail after flooding. In addition, Clean Water Services will continue to monitor beaver dam activity and flow devices that aim to reduce the flooding impacts resulting from the dams.

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