Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

over 1 year ago
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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Background: Accessory dwelling units (ADUs), sometimes called backyard cottages, carriage houses, or granny flats, are additional dwelling units on the same property with a primary dwelling unit. ADUs are self-contained, with their own kitchen, bathroom, and living quarters. ADUs can be internal to the primary unit, such as a converted basement or second floor, they can be attached, such as a loft above a garage, or they can be detached as a standalone unit. ADUs provide a way for residents to create additional living space for a relative on the same lot, to downsize and stay in their own neighborhood, and to potentially supplement their income. State law requires cities to allow ADUs on all lots with detached houses.

Zones Affected: R1, R2, R3.5, R4.5, R7, R12, R25, R40

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Thank you for your feedback! On November 27, 2018 Tigard City Council approved code amendments to the Tigard Development Code allowing for a wider range of housing types within the city. 

The purpose of these policies was to respond to the need for a greater diversity of housing for people at all stages of life. The amendments included standards for “Missing Middle” housing types which have seen increased demand in the market as retirees and younger homeowners are seeking smaller, more vibrant, sustainable, and walkable places to live. 

Another purpose of these policies is to create an environment in which construction of a full range of housing types is feasible. This can be accomplished by providing residential zoning districts of varying densities and developing flexible design and development standards to encourage innovation and reduce housing costs.

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2ndSite almost 2 years ago
Please make the minimum Sq. Footage very small - many of us don't need or want to maintain the kind of space that younger people think is necessary. 250 to 300 Sq Ft is plenty. And please insist that people have at least 1 off-street parking spot for each dwelling unit. Example. 1 for the primary residence and 1 for the ADU. Tigard has long been ignoring the need for dwellings to have sufficient parking while insisting on higher square footage than is necessary.
Joanne almost 2 years ago
I think this is a great idea.
Shane almost 2 years ago
The increasing density is ruining our once beautiful city. Please stop! Or at least slow down.
seabury4378 almost 2 years ago
We must make it easier for this type of housing.