Cottage Clusters

over 1 year ago
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Cottage Clusters

Background: Cottage clusters are a group of smaller detached housing units. The cottages are typically 800-1200 square feet, less than half the size of the typical modern home. Cottages are clustered around a common open space. Front entrances of cottages open onto the common space or onto the sidewalk. Parking areas are located at the side or the rear of the property, and are connected to the units by internal sidewalks.

This housing type provides a community-oriented option for anyone interested in smaller housing, including younger homeowners and seniors. Units are typically offered under condominium ownership or as rentals. Cottage clusters offer many benefits, including reduced landscape maintenance responsibilities, efficient parking design, and shared amenities.

Zones Affected: R3.5, R4.5, R7, R12

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Thank you for your feedback! On November 27, 2018 Tigard City Council approved code amendments to the Tigard Development Code allowing for a wider range of housing types within the city. 

The purpose of these policies was to respond to the need for a greater diversity of housing for people at all stages of life. The amendments included standards for “Missing Middle” housing types which have seen increased demand in the market as retirees and younger homeowners are seeking smaller, more vibrant, sustainable, and walkable places to live. 

Another purpose of these policies is to create an environment in which construction of a full range of housing types is feasible. This can be accomplished by providing residential zoning districts of varying densities and developing flexible design and development standards to encourage innovation and reduce housing costs.

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2ndSite almost 2 years ago
Totally in favor of this idea but please understand that 1200 sq. feet is NOT DOWNSIZING for many people. As a senior, my 3 bedroom 1200 sq ft house built in 1946 is too large, way more than I need. If people want to live in small houses, why does the government insist we all continue to overspend to have more than we want and need? Why not make these cottages 400 to 800 square feet? A typical modern home is way more space than people actually need, especially single people who only require 1 bedroom, and is more than many can afford, so stop using 2400 sq ft as the "typical" basis and consider what we actually WANT. Smaller, smaller, please.
Linda Handel almost 2 years ago
I sold my home and moved across country when I retired to be closer to my children. I've been here a year and I'm very happy. A cottage cluster is such a great idea. Being on a fixed income, I'm concerned about my future living in an apartment building knowing the rates will go up yearly. Since I already downsized quite a bit, moving into a cottage would be wonderful.
Joanne almost 2 years ago
I think this is a great idea, and it needs to be affordable housing.
PashaHuntRealtor almost 2 years ago
Love this idea. Hi Everyone, I am concerned for the elderly- that once they sell their family home, that they will have an affordable option to move into. For some reason developers are not taking that into consideration. It would be nice if we could build a retirement village that is affordable. Most retirement communities are unreachable financially, costing $3000-5000. a month. Mini cottages would be perfect, with a community room to gather in.
Brian almost 2 years ago
This sounds like a nice place to live.