Our Art Matters by Metzger Elementary School

Our Art Matters
by Mr. Lord’s 5th Grade Class, Metzger Elementary School
May 20, 2021

Our Art Matters
Why? That’s a silly question of course
Our art matters because it is unique, cool, and fun

Our art matters because
We use art to express ourselves
We use art to express our emotions
We use art to express our feelings
Feelings that have to be let out sometimes
We can make art out of our anger
Art makes us feel like we belong
Art makes you feel better
Better than a feather, better as ever

Our art matters because it shows love
Because it shows happiness
Because it shows us we are great drawers
Without it, some people would not be famous
Because we learned, worked hard and practiced,
it matters

Our art makes our world colorful
It spreads joy and makes people happy
Without color our world is dull
Earth without “art” is “eh”
The world would not be the same without our art

We can do anything
We can draw dinosaurs, a T-Rex or zebras
We can draw the sun
The sun shines bright like stars at night
But not as bright as light
After all it’s just art

Our Art Matters.

A found poem created from a response to “Why does our art matter?” by Mr. Lord’s 5th grade class.

All the artwork for this exhibit was created by Metzger Elementary School students who participate in the school’s Art Literacy program. The Art Literacy program is a volunteer run art program, providing art instruction once a month in each classroom. Metzger Elementary School is located in Tigard, Oregon.

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